Sunday, May 29, 2011

Haven't blogged in a while...

So, I thought I would get on here and chat a bit.

I have started attending Bug's Night Out in Rocklin, CA sponsored by local Cricut Designers Monique Griffith and Wendy Lawrence. Am starting to meet some local scrappers and make friends. It has been awesome. I have met Kathy and Elaina (name/spelling?) and just last week I met Rita. Next Friday is a Cricut Circle Meet-up, and then 2 weeks after that another Bug's Night out.

Have been spending most of my free time getting our garden going for the summer. We increased it by about 60 %. We have corn; green and soy beans;iceberg and romaine lettuce, white and green cauliflower; broccoli; lemon and pickling cucumbers; brussel spouts; Anaheim, Italian long and inferno peppers; green, yellow and red bell peppers; Roma, Brandywine, Green Heirloom, Yellow, mortgage lifter, Pineapple and Sun Sugar tomatoes; orange and red carrots; beets; garlic; okra; yellow, red and walla walla onions; tomatillos; and plan on putting in potatoes.

Now, my husband doesn't think I will have any luck with the potatoes, but we shall see. Everything I have read on it says they are super EASY to grow. And considering how often the potatoes in my bin grow "eyes", I think it will work fine. Actually, hopefully I get to prove him wrong!

Anyway, my kids are both in college or about to be in college, my grandson is getting more adorable by the day (I got to babysit him for the first time last weekend! And we had a BLAST!), work seems to get busier and I seem to have fewer hours in a day.

Love to all and I will try to be more consistent!