Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Art Poject

I saw in a magazine a long time ago a piece of art that I thought was really cool. It was a group of tags that were embellished and collaged with scrapbooking supplies, then arranged on a mat and framed to hang on the wall.

I thought this was a cool idea, so I decided to do one for my office at work.

Here are the pictures:

This is the completed piece.

Here are close-ups of all the tags

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baby Books!

I am makeing my second baby book in the last 4 months for yet another co-worker who is pregnant. The first was for a girl and so is this one. I also have a boy baby book to make for my neice who is due in May. The thing I love about making baby books, is there are no pictures, so the layours are EASY-PEASY to make! Here are the pages I have done so far.

What I have created in my newly organized scraproom!

I thought I would share some of my layouts I have made since I re-did the scraproom. These are layouts I did for my book about ME! I finally got pictures from my brother of when I was a kid, so I am having a BLAST scrapping about myself for a change, instead of my kids!

Friday, February 20, 2009

It's Friday! I'm tired and other stuff

Well, I am so glad it's Friday! I am so tired! My youngest had her last basketball game of the season (YEA!), but the bus didn't get to the school until 10:30, so we didn't get home until 11 pm, then up at 4 am to see hubby off to work. UUUGGGHHH!!! I told her that if she wants to do sports next year, she needs to either find a ride, or get her license.

On the note of my youngest daughter: She is a sophmore in highschool, and in the last 3-5 days has received no fewer than 17 letters from colleges trying to recruit her, including the engineerng college my older brother went to, Rennselear Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, and one down in Louisianna, some obscure college called Tulane. I'm "sure" that it is just some randome school (Heavy sarcasm here). She was so excited, because a lot of the colleges she hadn't heard of (though I had), but she has heard of Tulane. I think it is scaring her just a little bit how many colleges are contacting her. Her sister didn't start getting letters until mid to late in her junior year. But, she thinks it is good, since she has NO IDEA what she wants to do, or where she wants to go, other than it needs to be near the ocean, cause she LOVES the ocean. So, the process begins! Wish me luck, as this is my last one who's going off to college! Boy, a couple more years, and we'll be empty-nesters! WOOO HOOOOO!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And even MORE pictures

Here are the close-ups of the paper/embellishment drawers.
This is the red, pink, orange and yellow paper drawers

These are my rub-on and alphabet sticker drawers, and also dimensional alphabets, and brown and cream papers.

The top two drawers are ALL Christmas paper, the next drawer is Christmas and other holidays embellishments.

Then the aqua papers (I have a LOT of these and they had to have thier own drawers!)

Then the blue and purple papers drawers

and the other non-color sorted embellishments, like people, clothes, vintage, sports, vehicals, animals, nature.....

Top drawer is page protectors, then the next two drawers are pages that need to find thier way into an album.

Then we have embellishments sorted by color

And still MORE pictures of the scraproom

These are detailed pictures (for you Marie) of
my button jars, sorted by color,

my embellishment and fiber boxes, again sorted by color,

and the corner of the rooom opposite the door. I redid that corner, and put my cassett rack up on the wall that holds most of my stamping ink pads.

More pictures of my scrap room.

I finally got the last little details done. My friend Marie needs more detailed pictures, cause she wants to snoop in my drawers! This is the closet, now camaflauged in fabric curtain, The bulletin board I re-framed, and the table my husband insists I reserve for him for building RC airplanes. But, I use as a guest table, or for my cricut.

The Closet

The bulletin board

My hubby's building table

Friday, February 13, 2009

So here is my idea...

Left half

Right Half

Whole Board

.... that I talked about the other day.

I took the blocks and used them as a border on my bulletin board.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Friday (almost)

Well, it's the eve of my foud-day weekend. I'm a little bummed cuz Caity Sue won't be over til Sunday, but then she can see Cori, and Van (dear hubby).

I plan on spending tomorrow doing some last minute pick-up in the house, some laundry, though I may save that until Monday when my dear daughter will be here, since an awful lot of it is hers! I swear, I can do 3 loads a week for me and hubby, and that includes his work clothes that are washed seperately from the main stuff, but she will have two-three loads just by herself, and she is a skinny little thing!

After that, it's into my scrap room to make a mess an dbe creative. hopefully, it will be easier to clean up. I already love having the wall of supplies behind me. All I have to do is turn around in my chair and i can reach almost everything! And it seems to make it easier to put away also.

I finally got the 10" of new paper put away. I can see that I am going to have to weed out some of my paper, especially the patterned paper! I still have the basket of embellishments and stuff to put away, but I don't think that will take me very long.

Saturday, I hope to spend some time sewing my oldest daughter's prom dress, and spending a little time with hubby!

Talk to ya'all later!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pictures 1 and 2 (didn't make it in the first one! LOL)

Pictures 9 and 10 (finally done!)

Pictures 7 and 8

Pictures 5 and 6

Pictures 3 and 4


My scraproom! I thought it would take me WEEKS to get it all done, but one good working weekend with my daughter helping, and it is 90% done. I have a basket (read the size of a bootbox) to put away of embellishments, and about 10" of paper to put away, but it is mostly done! The closet still needs to be organized, but that is mostly my hubby's stuff, and fabric.
So here are the pictures:
#1--From the doorway looking north-east

#2--From the north corner, looking south east
#3--From the North-east corner looking towards the door
#4--From My desk, looking north, out the window. I have windows in front of me and to my right (facing north and east), so I get a lot of great lighting.
#5--The dresser my grandfather built and I use my cricut on this as a counter. Drawers have a variety of craft stuff, from candles, to paint, to sewing stuff, and gift wrap.
#6--Sorting by color and size makes me VERY happy! Buttons and magazines and idea books
#7--Colored fabric drawers to hold all my stuff! I was going to use just blue and lime green, but my fashion conscience 16 year old daughter said "Mom, two colors would be so BORING! You need more colors!"
#8--Again, sorting by color makes me VERY, VERY happy--paper edition, and larger embellishments and rubons and alphabets
#9--My favorite IKEA cabinet. Wish I had bought 3 instead of one. (NOELLE--note the bottom three drawers. Those are ALL my punches! Can't even compare to you!)
#10--And for the last time, sorting by color makes me VERY, VERY, VERY happy! Fiber and small embellishments edition

I am so happy! There is room for at least 2 or 3 people to scrap comfortably! And, if I have a houseguest, then I can shift the table over to the side and put down the blowup mattress.

I owe it all to Caity Sue and my sister for inspiring me to reorganize! Thank you ladies!

Friday, February 6, 2009

So, here is my second day as a blogger.

So, what I really want is A DAY OFF JUST FOR ME!!!!!!

So, I think I am going to take next friday, February 13th off and make it a 4 day weekend with the holiday on monday, the 16th.

Hopefully, I will be far enough along to be able to start major portions of my re-vamp of my scrap room.

I spent 90 minutes last night microwaving rubber stamps. I had thought about selling them on ebay, but then I decided that I had too much money invested in them. So, I decided to follow Caity's suggestions and remove all the wood blocks, and just keep the stamp. Three drawers down, about 20 or so to go!

I did come up with a cool idea to use the wood blocks from the stamps. I will post pictures of it when I finish and see what you think!

Well, that's all for now!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I thought I better explain the name of my blog. One of the things I love to do is sail on sailboats. I also love to scrapbook and I LOVE cats. A couple of years ago, I was given, (yes, GIVEN) a 16 foot Hobie Cat catamaran. I have yet to get her in the water, but given these three loves of mine, when I do, the name of the boat will be "Scrappy Cat" for scrapping, cats and the fact that it is a catamaran. So, that is the explanation.
So, my friend inspired me to have a blog! So, I am starting off with a quick note, and hopefully, this will become a daily habit for me.

2009--Has not started off so well for our family. My husband has had two co-workers/friends die this year, and a young (17 years old) cousin was killed in a head-on collision with a drunk driver. All in the first month. So, hopefully, we are getting the bad news over early this year.

I have also been inspired to reorganize my scrap room, thanks to my friend and my older sister, Kathy. So, I will update you along the way and post pictures of the progress. I have bribed my youngest daughter into helping me (Payment=shopping trip to American Eagle where I will spend up to $150 on clothes for her that she doesn't need!).

Well, back to work!