Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Friday (almost)

Well, it's the eve of my foud-day weekend. I'm a little bummed cuz Caity Sue won't be over til Sunday, but then she can see Cori, and Van (dear hubby).

I plan on spending tomorrow doing some last minute pick-up in the house, some laundry, though I may save that until Monday when my dear daughter will be here, since an awful lot of it is hers! I swear, I can do 3 loads a week for me and hubby, and that includes his work clothes that are washed seperately from the main stuff, but she will have two-three loads just by herself, and she is a skinny little thing!

After that, it's into my scrap room to make a mess an dbe creative. hopefully, it will be easier to clean up. I already love having the wall of supplies behind me. All I have to do is turn around in my chair and i can reach almost everything! And it seems to make it easier to put away also.

I finally got the 10" of new paper put away. I can see that I am going to have to weed out some of my paper, especially the patterned paper! I still have the basket of embellishments and stuff to put away, but I don't think that will take me very long.

Saturday, I hope to spend some time sewing my oldest daughter's prom dress, and spending a little time with hubby!

Talk to ya'all later!

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