Sunday, February 22, 2009

What I have created in my newly organized scraproom!

I thought I would share some of my layouts I have made since I re-did the scraproom. These are layouts I did for my book about ME! I finally got pictures from my brother of when I was a kid, so I am having a BLAST scrapping about myself for a change, instead of my kids!


  1. Beautiful LO's!!! I love the arrows! I rarely scrap about myself, but you have inspired me to get out some of the "old" photos!!!! Great job!

  2. Thanks Jenny!

    I have been scrapping for 10 years! WOW! I didn't relalize it haasd been that long. ANd during those 10 years, I have probably done only 10 or 12 layouts about myself, not including my wedding album. So, it is really fun to look at the old pictures, and revisit my memories, and GET THEM DOWN ON PAPER! So, I have been telling all the stories I can think of, the ones I know of, and the ones my family tells about me. Dig out those pictures. your kids will enjoy the m=pages about YOU as much if not more than the pages about them!

  3. Oh, and the arrows point to the chipmonks I was trying to get to come closer to me. Patience is not my strong suit!