Sunday, February 8, 2009


My scraproom! I thought it would take me WEEKS to get it all done, but one good working weekend with my daughter helping, and it is 90% done. I have a basket (read the size of a bootbox) to put away of embellishments, and about 10" of paper to put away, but it is mostly done! The closet still needs to be organized, but that is mostly my hubby's stuff, and fabric.
So here are the pictures:
#1--From the doorway looking north-east

#2--From the north corner, looking south east
#3--From the North-east corner looking towards the door
#4--From My desk, looking north, out the window. I have windows in front of me and to my right (facing north and east), so I get a lot of great lighting.
#5--The dresser my grandfather built and I use my cricut on this as a counter. Drawers have a variety of craft stuff, from candles, to paint, to sewing stuff, and gift wrap.
#6--Sorting by color and size makes me VERY happy! Buttons and magazines and idea books
#7--Colored fabric drawers to hold all my stuff! I was going to use just blue and lime green, but my fashion conscience 16 year old daughter said "Mom, two colors would be so BORING! You need more colors!"
#8--Again, sorting by color makes me VERY, VERY happy--paper edition, and larger embellishments and rubons and alphabets
#9--My favorite IKEA cabinet. Wish I had bought 3 instead of one. (NOELLE--note the bottom three drawers. Those are ALL my punches! Can't even compare to you!)
#10--And for the last time, sorting by color makes me VERY, VERY, VERY happy! Fiber and small embellishments edition

I am so happy! There is room for at least 2 or 3 people to scrap comfortably! And, if I have a houseguest, then I can shift the table over to the side and put down the blowup mattress.

I owe it all to Caity Sue and my sister for inspiring me to reorganize! Thank you ladies!